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Studio is a place for thinking and making sense of stuff: a place of study. Studio is playing with ideas, materials, words, and movement. My studio is times of wondering and wandering in playful lands of artistic explorations with people of all ages. Here's my travel log.


How? Art.

Thinking about library-community connections...

A few months ago I was invited to the Australian city of Toowoomba. I was working with librarians and educators to develop techniques and strategies for engaging with young children in child centered, material based, creative and age appropriate ways.

It was a successful round of workshops. Not only did it connect directly with Queensland libraries' state-wide Story Time initiative, but it spoke to broader issues such as the library's mission, philosophy, and relationship to the community it serves.

In an article written for the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), my Toowoomba hosts and I talk about our experience in designing and implementing these workshops:

"Starting from the ways we approach materials and art-making, we model a way of being in the library - and in the world - that puts everyone in charge of their own learning, as the capable individuals that they are."

I look forward to seeing where Toowoomba Region Library's Story Time goes from here...

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