More from the Very, Very Magic Suitcase: TV interview with Portuguese news

The interview was shot during our exhibition "The Very Very Magic Suitcase and Other Art." It was a wonderful opportunity to share the children's work and the process behind the exhibition with a wider audience. We also heard from the mother of Sahana, one of the artists whose work was being exhibited, and from Dr. Judith Burton, director of Art & Art Education at Teachers College.


Exhibiting work - students’ work. Stuff or stories?

#storynotgadget is becoming one of my mottos. I argue that as fancy as our media, settings, or circumstances are, they are important not in themselves but to the extent that they help us give people (in this case 0-5 year oldartists) more opportunities to make their voices heard and to share their ideas.

“It’s About Inspiring Fantasies:” A Review of George Szekely’s Play and creativity in art teaching

It seems redundant to write here a review of the review, so I'll just say that re-reading it never fails to bring me back to the joy of a sunny and playful family week at the beach, using a shell to draft the outline of a book in the sand. There's worst ways to work...