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Studio is a place for thinking and making sense of stuff: a place of study. Studio is playing with ideas, materials, words, and movement. My studio is times of wondering and wandering in playful lands of artistic explorations with people of all ages. Here's my travel log.


#storynotgadget | Artmaking, Materials, and Ownership | USQ Salon Series 2017

In July and August 2017 I was welcomed by the Digital Life team at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Toowoomba, Australia.  Among other things, I was invited to be a guest speaker at their Salon Series - a monthly live-streamed lecture by a visiting scholar.

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A Toowoomba Summer (or Winter)

On this trip, I divided my Toowoomba time between the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and the Cobb&Co Museum. I was welcomed by excellent researchers, artists, and educators of all walks of life. There was work in the museum workshop and the university makerspace, lectures to be given, discussions to be had, time in TV and radio production studios, lunches and meetings, - I’ll tell you all about all that soon. Butlet’s start at the beginning.

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More from the Very, Very Magic Suitcase: TV interview with Portuguese news

The interview was shot during our exhibition "The Very Very Magic Suitcase and Other Art." It was a wonderful opportunity to share the children's work and the process behind the exhibition with a wider audience. We also heard from the mother of Sahana, one of the artists whose work was being exhibited, and from Dr. Judith Burton, director of Art & Art Education at Teachers College.


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Exhibiting work - students’ work. Stuff or stories?

#storynotgadget is becoming one of my mottos. I argue that as fancy as our media, settings, or circumstances are, they are important not in themselves but to the extent that they help us give people (in this case 0-5 year oldartists) more opportunities to make their voices heard and to share their ideas.

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